Do you like these kind of shoes?

Black pointy toe pumps with a skinny heel (not too high, like 2 inches) in black patent snakeskin (It isn't made out of real snake). I saw a pair and thought they were cute. Don't have a picture though.

I would wear them to work or something.


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  • never wear 2 inch you eather wear flats or 5 inch and up. girls look silly in two inch...

    • 5 inches are huge

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    • whaaaaaaaaaaaat can he do that? lol that's not cool.

    • unfortunately he can. and I don't want to wear flats. so I'm trying to find the nicest lower heels that I can. at least they aren't those 1 inch stubs.

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  • They sound cute and work appropriate :) I'm glad you're not one of those girls who wears 5 inch heels to school/work. Personally, I think it's inappropriate for such occasions and (for me at least) appropriateness is a bit contributor to style. You want to be comfortable and be able to focus- not worrying about your feet :P

  • i despise heels under 5 inches so hell no,and I hate pointy toe if you're going for comfort at work,wear flats,or at least wedges,but don't wear kitten heels,please.

  • yeah sounds cute. normally I would wear a little higher heel, but wear what you have to for work

  • 2 inches is too short. it's either flat or higher for me

    • Yeah. They are like 2 and a half inches. I prefer higher too...but unfortunately, my boss doesn't approve and I don't want to get in trouble with him. My ideal is 3-4 inches.

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