Guys- What kind of outfits are you attracted to on girls when you go out?

Dresses/skirts, skinny pants, heels? Details! You can even provide links. :)


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  • DRESSES! You have no idea how much a girl stands out when she's wearing a vibrant dress. 99% of all girls just wear pants or skirts. Be different wear dresses. I always notice girls that are wearing dresses, even if they're ugly (then I stop looking if that's the case haha).

  • I love all types of outfits. Jeans are hot, while skirts N dresses are very feminine N sexy. My favorite look is for a girl to have something tucked in or fitted/belted at the waist, but every girl I'm friends with, the outfit that they feel they look the best in, I agree with them. Just don't wear something you don't like or wouldn't normally wear because someone else likes it. My BFF has to tuck in her shirts for work, N as AMAZING N CUTE as she looks, something's off about it, because I know she hates it N she just don't look like herself. After she punches out N tucks everything out, she looks more relaxed N like she's wearing HER style...

  • I would say preferably a dress or skirt in heels.


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