Guys, define a pretty cute vs. a cute girl?

Can pretty and cute be combined? If so, how? Since they both have similar yet different meanings.


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  • You can't make yourself cute, its impossible, because its a trait someone has and it only shows now and then but is always that something about them that's cute, like shyness, you can't just be shy to be cute, there's something else about them that makes their shyness cute, or a girls height, she walks and talks and looks small and petite, but something else makes her look cute, where pretty you can create pretty, but cute is something your talents have or dont,x


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  • its how you use it in a sentence...

    Grace: what you think about that girl?

    Anh: she's pretty cute...


    Grace: what you think about my friend?

    Anh: she's a cute girl

    one is more friendly and the other is interested... either way like I said its how its used...

  • I usually say pretty cute so it doesn't sound as forward, but they generally mean the same thing... a pretty cute girl = a cute girl


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