Victoria Secret Scents?

Hi to all the girlys! =) Just wondering which scents out of the collections are the best? I've seen so much about love spell, is it true that it smells like Paris Hiltons Heiress? I'm in Australia, so I have to order them from eBay & have no way to actually test them. I bought a mini bottle of Berry Bliss & am so in love with it! I like sweet smells, but nothing over bearing. I usually wear Britney Spears perfumes so anything similar & pretty would be great. Can anyone let me know which scents are similar to perfumes? As the descriptions aren't very helpful koz I have NO clue what ylang ylang would smell like, lols! Loads of help would be greatly appreciated koz I wuna buy the crap outta them, but don't really have anything to go off! Thanks so much! =)


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  • little sexy things I don't know if its like those but it has an amazing smell

  • link

    smells good


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