What do guys prefer?

A girl who dresses in sporty clothes, or a girl who dresses in business attire?

My family and friends always tease me about this because I'm always dressed in suits/skirts/heels, unless I'm at the gym of course.

What do the guys prefer?


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  • I love the business attire!

    I always dress up and my friends tease me about it too but idc I like it.

    I don't feel comfortable in sporty attire.

    I think girls in business attire are very attractive :)

    • Nothing better than a guy in a nice suit or dress clothes...loooove it!

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    • I don't think so :(

    • I don't believe it

      You probably don't notice then

      I'm sure guys check you out all the time

  • If I had to pick one then I would definitely pick business attire. A women who dresses smart seems so sophisticated and intelligent. I particulrly like it when girls wear heels with a pencil skirt. That to me is so sexy. I love it.

    • :) that's pretty much all I wear

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    • I just don't think I'm the type to be checked out lol

    • You obviously have no idea how sexy business attire makes a woman look lol

  • I love the professional woman look, I think it's just great. Smart and well-heeled, a little sexy maybe, but not too much. Your family are dopes! Keep strutting your stuff! Maybe get changed when you get home though, if you don't want to get razzed too much.

    • Thank you!

      And yes I do change once I get home :)

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    • Physically for sure!

    • there we are then

  • depends

  • I'm gonna have to say business attire too.

  • Define sporty clothes.

    • Well, for me, it's yoga pants and a tank top or shorts and a tshirt. I kick box so nothing glamorous lol

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    • Why is that better though?

    • Well the bottoms both show off your legs and ass and I'm a butt guy liking legs second. I also like casual and that's closer too it.

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