A few questions about mascara?

1) What is your favorite mascara?

2) What do you think of Maybelline Great Lash? I have it, was using it in waterproof, but I find that both the waterproof and the regular get clumpy and thick looking, and they don't make my lashes as long or full as I want.

3) What do you think of Diorshow?

4) Diorshow vs Bad Gal Lash by Benefit?

5) Does the waterproof formula tend to seem different than the regular? (For mascara in general)

6) Do you think it looks funny when your mascara and eyeliner aren't the same color? My eyeliner is a deep brown and my mascara is black. The eyeliner and mascara look nicer together when they are both black, but it seems too harsh on me. Opinions?

7) I had a great mascara but after I had it a while, my eyes felt irritated. This was years ago. Do you think it would be okay if I bought a new tube of it? I think it may have started to irritate after I've had it for a few months, so maybe it was just old or contaminated? Plus I've used a different kind for years now.



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  • 1 My favorite mascara is maybelline full and soft, because it's non irritating to the eyes or, clique in brown black high impact mascara for the same reason :D

    2 I ABSOLUTELY HATED! Maybelline great lash, I have long lashes anyway and it just clumped so bad...

    3 It's alright but it irritates my eyes...

    4 never tried bad girl lash...

    6 yes and no if you use brown eyeliner and black mascara its fine, but black eyeliner and brown mascara is just silly... And blue eyeliner is tardy ://7 remember only keep your mascara for up to 3 months :)


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  • 1.Maybelline hyper curl cat eyes.

    2.I never try it but some of my friends told me it wasn't good.


    4.Never try.

    5.Not really,it depends on the mascara.

    6.In my view yeah its more suit when both are blacks together.I never use brown eyeliner.

    7.There are 2 possibilities,either you are elergic of it or you applied it in a wrong way.Few

    months? Maybe one of the reason why it iritated you=)

  • 1. Lancome Hypnose

    2. Yes, I like it. It has a super small brush so it's easy to navigate.

    3. Never used it.

    4. Haven't used either. I've only used stains by Benefit.

    5. Yes. Different ingredients.

    6. Not really. I like it, provided the mascara is black.

    7. You should keep make up for no longer than 3 months, before it must be replaced. Bacteria builds up and can cause irritation/infection.

  • 1. I like covergirl lashblast waterproof. I've used a ton of mascaras in different price ranges and this is by far the best I've used.

    2. It was pretty good,not bad at all.

    3. n/a


    5. Yeah I think it looks a little weird no offense, I think they should both be same color. or if your gonna use a wild eyeliner color like blue or purple, don't use mascara.

    6. I think it'd be fine, if you were allergic to it then you would of had a reaction the very first time you used it.


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