How do you know by looking into his eyes..?

Girls really tell me how do you read the eyes of a guy...?how do you know whether the guy loves you .or interested in looking into his yes...?


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  • I believe that eyes tell all. it really hard to explain and is just something natural. for example it doesn't have to be with love. if someone is happy you can obviosly tell by the certain glow in their eyes. if someone is sad but gives you a fake smile you still always know something is wrong. for love I believe there is a certain glow in the eyes. Very similiar to the happy one but different in many ways. I think this is a window to their true feelings


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  • It's very easy to read a person just by taking a look into their eyes. It's not an easy thing to enplane, since none of us really know how it works, but still, we do know it works! Perhaps it's connected to intuition or past experiences, but unconsciously you can tell what emotion is hidden behind whose eyes at a certain point.

    Maybe it can be closely linked to the feeling of chemistry or 'sparks'. You can not explain it but you can feel it and you know it's there, and even if the chemistry is one sided, you can tell that the other person doesn't feel it because of that missing glow... The sparkle in your eyes that you get when you look at them...

  • i think when guys do have the true feelings inside their souls, its really clear in their eyes, only for the girls who they love to know it.

    its how God created us to feel the deepest things in men souls which also is clear when girls do look deeply in the eye.

    that's why we are always looking to know whether that guy is staring or not, and we are always looking to hold gaze just to unpin and read your insides.

    • Girls always say its really obvious and easy to know there is that guy who is interested, but I think its not that easy to figure out the main purpose of a guy looking at us, except from deep eye contact and holding gaze for long, and it depends on how long is really long enough to know he likes!

      would you please tell me how you look at that girl you like when you are not talking to her ??

      when you look passionately and when you look at her just a direct look as any other girl?

    • Thanks any how...this is also what my sis told...i don't know if this is a special gift given by God for girls :-)...but what can you see through the persons eye..i mean physically...?..when I just look into a girl's eyes..i just c "eyes"..thts all....

    • Physically, I can see his eyes smiling just when he sees me, because he is happy seeing me, despite the fact that he didn't smile at me AT ALL. But, it gives the impression how much love he holds in his heart for ME!

      you just need to feel what her eyes is telling you!

      a girl in love is almost obvious and clear more than guys.

      don't you feel that there is something in your eyes that tell her you like her, this is the exact thing she could feel which is enough for her to know you do like her!

  • When a guy is really interested in a girl, his pupils dilate.


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  • You can't know anything by looking in people's eyes. It's too easy to fool ourselves into thinking what we want.

    Behavior matters. Pay attention to their deeds. Not their words. Not the look in their eyes. Their deeds. Everything else is rubbish.

    • Sometimes we are sad, but having to fake a smile !

      sometimes you are laughing deeply from inside, but we can't show that smile !

      and other times you are having fun but deep inside you, you are worried about something!

      so, I have to disagree with you!