Do you guys/girls believe in "he/she is too good for her/him"?

I'm really concerned because I'm at this stage even though many people say I'm "beautiful" enough for him. But it's not about looks. His background's so good and his past is great while mine's kinda ehhh...


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  • I believe that. I see wonderful girls with losers, and those girls deserve better. In your case, the background is not that big of a deal.

    • Awww I see.. But have you ever seen a guy being too good for a girl? & thank you. That lessens the weight off my chest. Haha

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    • I can't really tell by just looking at a couple, but hopefully both parties can be independent. If the guy doesn't have a job or doing something with his life, he's a loser.

    • Haha I see. Well thank you so much for your time! :3

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