Cute/sexy nickname for her?

I met this girl recently, and we've already started dating. Well, now it's time for us to come up with a cute/sexy nickname for each other, but I'm stumped. She's a good christian girl, brunet, a little on the heavy side but not too bad, and she's a junior. What do you think would be some good, cute/sexy nicknames for her?


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  • Dont listen to the guys listen to a girl call her something that matches her personality it works nothing cheezy though like for eye color for example hazel eyes call her your hazelnut that's what my ex said to me before and I thought it was weird but cute and I laughed or green eyes greenaple or blue eyes blueberry


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  • Really sweet thing my boyfriend does is in the morning he always says good morning beautiful ...try cutie or sexy or sweetie... just the thought of you trying to make her feel special really helps


What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe cupcake? But she might take that the wrong way XD umm Darling, Peachy, I don't know really Haha.


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