What is the best mascara?

I am looking for a new mascara. Right now I use Maybelline Great Lash but I am not crazy about it because I want something more dramatic.

So, what is your favorite mascara and what do you like about it?

I would like something that makes my lashes long and full but not all thick and clumpy looking. I was thinking Diorshow...my friend has it and it looks so good on her.

It can be drugstore or department. Either is fine by me.

Just got Diorshow a few days ago. I am in LOVE. I highly recommend to everyone


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  • maybelline volum' express. it's my favorite and I currently have 10 different mascaras ranging from covergirl to guerlain. it always goes on smooth but adds a lot of volume and keeps it curly (get the waterproof).

    here's my suggestion on how to get great lashes:

    curl your lashes using this: link it may seem cheap, but you can start at the base of your lashes then kind of... swoosh (?) it up along the length of your lash (like curling a ribbon) and it looks amazing. I use them more often than the original eye lash curlers.

    use one coat of covergirl lashblast length in a brown link to kind of prime it after you curl your lashes

    use one coat of maybelline volum' express waterproof link in a black/brown (depending on your preference)

    use your hairdryer to add additional heat to this heated curler link and use it to curl your lashes an additional time except after your mascara is on. doing this will help "activate" the mascara because of the ingredients used to make it waterproof.

    if this doesn't work for you, I don't know what will :P :)

    • Wow that is a long makeup routine for lashes. Thanks! I definitely do not have time for that most days. I just curl them, put on a quick coat or 2 and go. Also if I am using brown mascara as primer, is it better to just use a regular primer instead? I feel like two different mascaras together would look very thick and clumpy.

    • oh right yeah I get ready quickly too, it doesn't take that long at all, maybe 2-3 minutes :) I usually blowdry my hair after makeup so at the end its just like hold up the curler, curl, move on to hair. believe me, it goes by quickly :) try to time yourself when you have time to see if you could manage it. and I guess... you'd have to experiment. I always found that the primers got too thick/sticky but with the lashblastlength it dries really quickly and helps to lengthen your lashes from the

    • start so they don't turn out clumpy :)

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  • Maybelline turbo volume express but I bought this sweet one from the chemist for a fiver called mega volume by constance carroll that was surprisingly nice. No clumping and thicker. I can't wear it much though because it makes my lashes too long and I wear glasses most of the time :( hmph

    • Constance Carroll? Never heard of it. Is it an American brand?

    • Well I live in Aus but I think I've seen the brand in the U.K too. Would be pretty well priced online. I'm honestly surprised because I usually only purchase loreal, covergirl or maybelline. They're all pretty good too.

  • I use maybelline falseies mascara I notice that a lot of mascaras they tend to be clumpy but this one comes out nice a smooth also I always apply a genrouse amount to make my lashes look fuller and longer, but I also apply a little less when I want to create a flirty look just to fan them out a little .

  • I use a clear mascara made by Covergirl...sounds pointless yes but my eyelashes are naturally long...really really long. This mascara I use just neatens them up and makes them look even longer and fuller!

    • It's definitely not pointless. That stuff is good. I use it when I don't want color or as a primer

  • I use L’Oreal Extra Volume Collagene Mascara because it works really well and gives my eye lashes a really thick bold look which is perfect because my natural eye lashes are blonde

  • Try either:


    -Dior(Diorshow IS AMAZING)



    Covergirl in the big orange tube(is it called lashblast?)

  • I like maybelline hyper curl cat eyes.Its different from the great lash.

  • million lashes mascara by loreal (it's gold)

  • Try Lancomme. Great brand for makeup!


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