What outfit looks good at a club with a smart/casual dress code?

So it's my friend's 25th birthday coming up on Friday and he wants to go to a sorta fancy club. It has a smart/casual dress code but my friends who have been there before have said to dress more smart than casual, but not too smart. However, it's an older crowd who go there after work so half the people who go there go in business attire anyway. What can I wear to look smart, but not too smart, and to dress to impress.

I was thinking smart black shoes, black or dark grey chinos/jeans with a v-neck or crew neck white t-shirt with a grey waistcoat on top. But if that may be too casual then I may wear nice shirt and leave waistcoat. What do you think?

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.


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  • I'd go smart shoes, more casual bottoms - so like you said dark chinos or jeans - if you're going jeans make sure they're a good cut, and in black or a really dark blue. Probably I'd go with a shirt, rolled up sleeves, not buttoned all the way to the neck.

    Pretty much as long as you look well put together, avoid trainers and stonewash jeans, or jeans with rips or loose fit - you should be okay.


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  • dark well fitted jeans and a loose dress shirt in a solid color

  • dark blue jeans a white shirt and probably a black blazer and black shoes


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