I have terrible body issues, advice?

I have a terrible body image. Well , I do like my body but the problem is that I have a huge birthmark on my my legs. The birthmark extends from behind my knee/leg all the way up to my crouch..(on both legs/thighs). I also have stretch marks in that same area(from the back of my legs all the way up to my butt) . This makes me really insecure. The good thing is that I'm in good shape and I'm pretty so I do attract a lot of guys. I'm just afraid to get naked in front of a guy or wear a bikini or shorts or short dresses and what not because of all my flaws. What can I do?


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  • There are always oils and creams that reduce the appearance of scars, I'm into supercross and fmx, along with that comes a lot of wear and tear on the body and when you also do event modeling its 100x worse, for me I use BioOil you can get it almost anywhere and its around $13, you put it on where needed and after a few weeks the marks are reduced :) hope this some-what helps


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