A few questions about makeup on upper eyelids?

1) I have dark circles under my eyes, and my entire eye is shadowy. I like to cover up the bottom, but am I supposed to put concealer on my entire eyelid and all around my eye? Or just on the bottom? The top part doesn't look like a "flaw" the way dark circles on the bottom do, my eyelids actually always have a natural tinge to them, like I am wearing earthy reddish/brownish eyeshadow even when I am not. People actually ask me what kind of eyeshadow I use, but I actually never use. However sometimes when I am putting on eye makeup I put concealer and a nude eyeshadow on top of my eye as well, to act as a base. But should I just leave it nude and only use liner and mascara on top?

2) For top eyeliner...where do you draw it? On the lashline? On the inner rim and between the lashes? Above the base of the lashes on the bottom half of the lid? I've been drawing it on my lashline and my upper inner rim between the lashes, but is that too heavy?


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  • I only put concealer under my eyes, but you can do it either way. Concealer can actually act as an adhesive agent for the eyeshadow. It doesn't really make a difference :)

    Top eyeliner - I stretch out my eyelid horizontally and draw it along the lash line as close to my lashes as possible. Then I shape it however I want. It's a bitch getting it even, but I've gotten used to it now. I go from the inner corner to the outer, winging it slightly. I don't think that's too heavy, depending on how thick you make it.

    • Yeah I figure the concealer is a base for eyeshadow. But since my eyes are shadowy, there is a visible difference from when I only put concealer on the bottom and put my liner compared to when I put it on my lid before doing my shadow and liner.

    • Whichever gets the effect you like better - do it :) You can change it up when you want, too

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  • I put foundation under and on my eyelid, and it also helps keep the make up on so it lasts longer, when I wear eyeliner, I start where my eyelashes start, and I put it in my uper waterline as well no bottom eyeliner tho, I'm not sure how you look but if you want you can send me a picture of your eye or whatever and I can tell you if its to much

  • For under your eyes use this: link it works really well because it covers dark circles without it looking unnatural (if the circles are really dark you may need to use a bit of concealer too). As for your top lid a fine line just above your lashline of dark brown liquid eyeliner similar to this link I find it looks fresh and suits almost all eyes.


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