Niece and mom like my bedtime stories?

ok I need a psychologist advice or a girls advice, when I stay over at my sisters my nice likes me to tell her a story at bed time, most of the time a made up one so I do.

when I'm at home every now and again my mum like me to tell her a bed time story before bed, made up too, I'm 24, my niece is 8 and my mums in her 50's.

now my question is what is it about my stories they like, is it the stories really or is it my voice really to hear before they go sleep.

i don't mind telling my niece a story, but I found it weird my mum want to hear some story before bed.

i must mention because I'm not sure if this is the case or not but my mums not with anyone and my dad died 10 years ago and my sister isn't with anyone either.

could this have something to do with it or I don't know.


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  • Ahhh I knew someone male died in the family, I was just about to ask that, well I'm a hypnotherapist, so human psychology is second nature to me, Firstly a males voice is extremely important to a child, we naturally have a sense of warmth and authority which brings about security and relaxation...which helps a child sleep.

    Odds are its not so much what your saying, as long as your talking to them usually does the trick, but then again you could be extremely good at painting pictures in your stories, just enough to allow her mind to fill the blank spaces with her imagination, your probably also good a t leading the mind through different scenes and emotions which is a credit to you, your actually developing your own inter-personnel skills as well as hers without even knowing it.

    Keep it up until she's old enough to think its silly lool

    Mothers realize the importance of a man in a childs life, hence why she wants you to do it. Dude, your mum probably feels a lot like a child since your father died, alone, lost, afraid, defenseless...alot like my mother in actual fact.

    We often forget our parents are humans as well, your tone of voice or style of speech might remind her of your father, whichever way helps her deal with the loss is are you coping with the loss might I ask?

    • btw did you know story telling before bed is a form of hypnosis, what your doing infact is putting her into a trance.

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    • Well on the flip side to that I have a father, completely useless, he's 60+, I've learnt nothing off him and he's basically failed in most aspects in life...he's dying now and its probably not nice of me to say this but...if he dided earlier it might have been least he could have died with some self respect...but neither the less I'm still a man lconfident in all my abilities, I found the skills within myself, not in my father...its a shame about your sister.

    • but that's the Butterfly Effect in life, the second that stone drops in the pond, its difficult to stop the ripples...the best you can do is provide your words, words of encouragment, remind them of what there worth, but your right, you cannot change people, in the words of the famous Jim Rohn

      ; ' Its in the hearts and lives of all of us, we must decide individually that we will change...Its what gives us dignity as humans. A Spider cannot change, a crocodile cannot change and act like a Monkey'

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  • I'm a psychology major. It's totally normal for your niece, but I really don't know about your mom. Has she had a tough time with her husband's death? How long have you been telling her stories? Does she act immature or irresponsible in every day life? Has she ever seen a counselor?

  • its just nice to know that someone cares to spend the time to tell a story. your stories might grab their attention really well. You must have a lot of creativity

  • Some people are naturally good story tellers. It might also be that you have a comforting voice. Are you imaginative by nature; when you tell your stories do you use a lot of detail?

    • sometimes, sometimes not

    • Then maybe you just have a soothing voice, or a comforting vibe.

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  • Sounds like it's normal for your niece, for you mother however it may just have to do with the comfort of you being there with her.


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