Do tattoos hurt, and should I get one?

Hello! Well I'm 16 and I'm thinking of getting my first tattoo (will also be my last) I was just wondering do they REALLY hurt? I'm thinking of getting a not too small but not too big outline of a heart just the outline on my back shoulder, is it a good idea? And do you guys think it would be cute? I'm just really concerned about the pain part, I'm a pansy and I whine about everything lol please opinions would be great! I want it exactly like this:




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  • Depends on where you get it, and what your pain tolerance is.

    I got one on my back shoulders and it hurt quite a bit more than I expected. But it was bearable. I mean I pretty much had no choice but to suck up the pain once it started, lol. But a simple thing like what you want doesn't sound like it would be too bad. Mine was kinda big, it took two hours, so yeah. I think the worst part was that I couldn't see the actual process, so I was just kind of lying there imagining what was happening, lol..

    I'm not much of a fan of pain either. But it only lasts during the process. Mine barely hurt at all afterward. It got itchy and felt like sunburn for a few days, and my back/arms were a bit sore for a little while but that was pretty much the worst of it, honestly.

    • I'm thinking it won't even last that long considering it will be pretty small

    • Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it. It sort of feels like someone's slowly carving you with a scalpel knife. But a tiny thing like that probably won't last more than ten minutes... you'll be fine.

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  • Tattoos are great and are worth the pain (it depends where you get it done. Some areas hurt more than others).

    Just not a plain heart outline.

    Be creative, make it meaningful, otherwise it'll get old quick and will be very tacky and lame.

  • Looks retarded, overdone and uninspired. My 2 cents.

    • well thanks for your 2 cents :p

    • Kind of like your taste in music? or clothing "style" ?

    • Woah OK buddy, if you plan to start trolling, I'm game. I would understand why you would be confused. Similar to the Dunning-Kruger effect, I forgive you for being complete garbage at life, I would assume it isn't easy. Your incompetence denies you the ability to recognize your mistake. So, Picasso, go back to admiring Dinet and playing with your cat.

  • Of course they hurt.

    Its a needle scratched into your skin with Ink so that it scars.

    I have 3 tattoos.


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  • Of course they hurt. Some spots more than others. I don't like that tattoo. It's something almost every girl gets when they are too young to appreciate what kind of art they want etched into their skin.

    Wait a while and think it out. This is something that you'll have on you for the rest of your life.

    I have two tattoos and I will realistically get more.

    • thank you! I want something simple not a huge ass piece of art, I'm not some canvas but thanks for your opinion!

    • No, I know. You don't have to get something huge. Small is fine. Just get something with meaning.

      My little sister is your age and got the same thing on her butt *facepalm* and she regrets it. I mean, when you're 30 you don't want an outline of a heart on you, ya know?

  • i have 6 and on is at the base of my neck... honestly it didn't hurt but I have a high pain tollerence


    LOL, I want one and I wouldn't mind my boyfriend or husband haveing a bunch I think their sexy :)


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