Randomly feeling less chemistry with your girlfriend/boyfriend?

Hi guys.

This happens just about every time I date a girl after a couple of months or so, and once it even happened 7 months in.

I'll wake up one morning and just not be feeling it. All the infatuation, the butterflies, the uncontrollable slight smile whenever she enters my head. It's like it disappeared over night.

Sometimes it's just a phase. And I always pray that it is a phase because at this point the girl usually seems to be very attached to me, as I was to her a few short days before I enter these weird, almost dark-feeling stages.

It happened today, this morning actually, with the girl I'm seeing. I crushed on her as soon as I laid eyes on her at work, and had been immensely infatuated by her ever since, until today, suddenly. It really hurts and it eats me up, it honestly feels terrible because it's not like I could say I don't care about her anymore.

This time is happened after a fight, or series of fights, rather, but fights that were resolved. And it doesn't always happen after fighting, in fact, it usually really is just random.

What is this? Does anyone else get this?

How do I overcome it?

Thanks in advance for your answers/time!


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  • It's called the honeymoon phase. It typically lasts 3-6 months in new relationships. Everything is new and exciting, your feelings are magnified and the other person can do no wrong in your eyes.

    I can't tell you if this is just a phase you will outgrow or if you just haven't met the right girl. Every person is different.


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