Glasses that are for style?

Okay well I like wearing reading glasses even though I don't need them, I had some that a friend gave to me but I lost them and I don't want to tell him lol. But I just want to know what those types of glasses are called? They look like reading glasses like if you really use glasses but you really don't I can't seem to find what they are called if anyone knows I'll be grateful and where I would be able to buy some? Either online, I was thinking of something like ebay But I want to know what they are called before I do buy some.


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  • hipster glasses >.>


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  • I heard that they were called fashion glasses, I was looking it up because everyone tells me that look good in glasses. So Imma get me a pair :)

  • the ones that I'm wearing in my display picture ? we call them scene glasses

    • Do you wear them or are they just for style? lol I had some that looked like reading glasses. But thanks I'll try to search for them.

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    • In the U.S. we do the same thing with the 3-D glasses :D

      Mainly we only wear them randomly, like not an everyday thing. Once at nerd day at school everyone wore theirs. Stuff like that.

    • i wear them everyday style lol

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