What do most guys like in girls?

what do guys like about a girl and never get bored of it? (:


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  • The only thing "most" guys like from a woman is sex. The reason is because everything is is left up to individual taste which guys can vary a great deal on.

    Take for example athletically built girls. Guys have mixed feelings about girls with athletic builds. Some guys find soft curves more appealing than athletic bodies, and that is pretty much a 50/50 split right down the middle as to the ratio of guys who do vs. guys who don't. And among the guys who do like it, there is disagreement as to how much is too much.

    Let's look at personality as well. A lot of guys like a girl who can present herself as being "one of the guys" and has a tough edge to her. And then a lot of guys don't and prefer the dainty feminine cutesy type.

    The point is, be who you are. Don't worry about what guys do and don't like because regardless, only 1 in 50 men you will encounter in your life are actually compatible mates, and if you try to worry about increasing your appeal, all you're doing is making yourself have to filter through 49 other guys to get that 1 who you would eventually have gotten anyway.


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  • Depends on the guy. I always like the random passing kisses. =D You walk this way in the house to do your thing and she goes that way doing her things and later when you pass you kiss. =D Little things that say "Hi" all day. =D Never get bored of that. =D

    Good Luck.

  • This is a hard one! I never get tired of females...I like them because they ARE different from me...I like the lack of brag & bluster that I get from males, I like their personalities...very unlike my own... I like the way they confide in me and encourage me to confide in them...physically? lol..their cool good looks, their smile...oh and let us not forget about their pee and their wonderful female scent! (:

  • Her beautiful smile

  • flat tummy :D

  • when she's puttin' out

  • Looks.


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