What do you think about metrosexual guys? I think they are hot.

The guy I'm seeing right now seems to be metrosexual link He meets at least 7 of those requirements, he also works out and knows how to treat a girl. He carries a man purse which I think is cute. Do any other girls feel like metro is the way to go?


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  • OMG YES! I'm pretty much a gay guy trapped in a female body. I <3 any man that takes good care of himself, and looks well put together and almost "pretty" in a sense. ha ha Korean guys have this really nice style that is pretty close to what I'm talking about. Metro guys are def my type. You're not alone. lol~

    p.s. And yeah, they're usually more comfortable with their sexuality that average guys. Average guys are all "no homo" to everything and terrified to show emotion or be nice out of fear of being seen as gay. You have to be pretty damn secure in yourself to go to a salon to do your hair, keep your nails clean, care about your clothing style, and treat your girl with love and respect whether in private our public. Ah! You're so lucky! He sounds like a keeper


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  • Metrosexual guys tend to appeal to younger girls who are still in the superficial phase where looks matter.

    When you get a bit older or move in with a guy, you'll realize that all the time he spends on his hair and nails in the bathroom could be better spent doing manly things. Things like working on your car, your handyman to-do list around the house, yardwork, and all the other stuff that leaves our hands calloused and our hair messy.

    Real men don't have the time or money for Louis Vitton man purses. We're either keeping things working or saving our money for our wives and children. It's a lot more important to be valuable than vain.

    • You are taking the definition of a metro to an extreme but OK, whatever you say

      I think they know how to live and have great taste

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    • Not really. His lifestyle, as your describing it here, is about "style and working out," which translates into "getting all the girls." He's projecting power through appearance. But the key thing is that he's only projecting power. So both physical appearance and money are power, but money is lasting power that grows rather than fades.

      I work in an office, and my hobby is flipping real estate. My hobby could be fashion, but real estate makes money, which gives me better a lifestyle.

    • lol, enjoy Calgary and I'm sorry you buy your clothes at walmart and have a big belly but that's no reason to hate

  • sounds like he would be annoying. but I'm a guy so it's different.


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  • I'm not into them, but some guys can be really feminine & rock it. Not many guys can pull it off in my opinion, but there are exceptions.

    • I don't think he is feminine at all. Maybe a lot of people use the metro definition differently

  • Meh. I prefer a guy who doesn't take longer than me to get ready.

    I'm not high maintenance at all, so I think I'd get impatient and frustrated dealing with a guy who was.

    • he doesn't take long to get ready. He is just really into style, fine dining and perfecting food. Working out and taking care of himself

    • Yeah = high maintenance. Not my type of guy. But I'm sure there is other girls that like guys like that.

  • Heck yeah, as long as they are in shape too.

  • sure, whatever floats your boat.


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