How can I be the hottest guy on campus?

Now let explain, I want to do this to attract more girls. Also I am good looking, its just I don't try at all, I'm wondering, how should I look to attract as many girls as possible.

I'm talking hair, clothes, amount of muscle, skin tone, cologne, just any detailed description of what would make you flock over a guy.


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  • Invest in a motorcycle, a pair of shades, and a badass leather jacket.

    Wearing no helmet, drive your motorcycle right up to the front door and park it there, because you are a badass and you'll park that bitch wherever you please. When you get off your bike, take a quick but calculated look around, make sure everyone sees you doing it too. Don't take off your shades. Adjust your jacket and enter the building.

    When you find your classroom, open the door with authority, let it bang against the wall. Take three steps into the class room and do another calculated glance around. Once everyone's stopped gawking at how awesome you are, give them what they want and remove your shades. At this point, you should be hit in the face with several pairs of panties. And thus, you have achieved your coveted status as hottest guy on campus.

    • That was a good one. Reality, his bike gets towed, and he gets to pay for damages from the door slamming into the wall, he then becomes the biggest loser on campus with cool shades.

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    • genius answer

    • what tex said , +1 for creativeness though , props dude . lol

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  • Character.

    Take care of yourself but don't make it too obvious with half a pound of gel in your hair, splotches of cologne and designer clothes. Do some team sport or go to the gym with a group of guy friends. Wear jeans and a T-shirt and make sure you don't smell bad.

    The rest is achieved with character and attitude. Girls are more attracted to that than your biceps... though well toned muscles are a turn on.

    • But I'm talking about, initial attraction. What would make you stare at a guy noticibly?

    • Well in that case... Posture. A straight back and being able to stare at the girl and people into their eyes.

  • it always helps to smell good, so get something that you think more girls would like. clothes? well be a little on the edge yet classy, if that makes sense.. but with muscle, just at a good amount.. as in enough that people can see :) not grossly huge.. I hope I helped:)

  • Girls don't "flock" over guys. Even the hottest dudes get checked out and that's about it. We're not flocking on anyone on campus...

  • Think GQ, Bond No. 9 NY or Bvlgari Cologne. You can go in a few directions with this; rugged, dirty and sexy, clean and polished, or the more alternative rocker "looking good without looking like you tried to hard". Athletic and toned goes well with all your desirable looks. You don't want to over do the tanning, natural is the new trend. Confidence, and independence are also always big turn ons. A big smile, handful of humor, splash of charm and 'wahlaa' love potion #9. Above all else, be yourself.. "don't fake the funk".

  • Work out -nice muscles and make sure that you show off your arms. this is so hot

    Wear nice clothes that are fashionable or at least just nice clothes.

    wear cologne most times -polo

    If you're excessively hairy, wax.

    White teeth. If they aren't straight then get braces.

    Sweet and nice but with an edge -like don't act like you're trying too hard. If you make a girl think that you care about her, you will melt her heart.

    I think 6'1 is a very attractive height. Anything less than 6' is a little less attractive

    Do not smoke cigarettes. Don't get excessively drunk when you're at a party. Only do this once in a while.


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  • You have to be the alpha male. Good posture and confidence will generate head turning and presence when you walk into a room. Muscles will help; women will look at you based on your body even though they'll say it's not important. They always look. Good smelling cologne attracts them as well, but don't wear axe because the average guy wears Axe. You have to step it up a notch. When girls look at your way, give them a smile. Make them feel comfortable.

  • Be tall

    Be attractive looking

    Dress nicely

    Have a good, confident, and charming attitude

    Be friendly

    Be funny

    Don't be a d***

    Be outgoing so you can meet people

    Don't be one of those judgmental types of people that are into that clique stuff

    Don't buff up like crazy, but have some tone to you

    Pick either a musky smell or that clean-type of smell for cologne

    And most importantly once you achieve all this...don't worry about if girls perceive you as being the hot guy :)

  • The answer is different for every girl. You should include which type of girl you're looking for.

    • ok I'm more into the preppy, blond haired or black haired college girls :)

  • Kill every other guy on campus.

    Trust me, it's a foolproof plan.

  • You have to actually talk to women in order for women to become attracted to you.


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