Why are girls afraid to look at me?

I know I'm hot, but didn't think I was that hot... Seriously, what is the reason behind this?


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  • I don't usually look at really hot guys because I feel like I'm not good enough for them, so why stare at something I can't have?

    • I kinda do the same thing with hot girls. Mostly because I would feel less hurt to get turned down by an average girl than a hot one. And your rite, why stare at something you can't have. +1

    • It didn't bother me if they are hot I would stare at them without problem. Because they have interesting face facial

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  • Maybe they are scared that they will get caught up in you features that make you looks so good. I get like that but only when I am close up to a guy. But when I am kinda far away I looking him up and down.:)

  • You must be a basilisk.

    • hahahahhaahhaa...BAM! In your face question asker...ohhh she got you...she got you good.

  • Maybe you just aren't that hot?


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