Where can I find a jacket like this?


I think it's super awesome and looks really hot


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  • link


    • Thanks dude!

      Have you ordered stuff from that website? It doesn't look the most creditable lol

    • i admit it does look kinda sketchy, it's a subsidiary of alibaba which has been rumored to be buying out yahoo recently, they use escrow, which is pretty much the same as paypal so they hold your money until you confirm that you have received your order

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  • My train of thought when I viewed that link-- "My boyfriend would look awesome in that...hell, I'D look awesome in that." I love androgynous clothing.

    Anyway, I've never seen that particular garment before, but it looks rather Banana Republic-esque.

    • What's androgynous clothing lol

    • Androgynous clothing means something that is neither masculine nor feminine, can be worn by either gender.

  • That is one niffty suit, you might be able to find somthing like that at the Gap, banana republic , nordstrom and maybe Macy's. You might have better luck searching for a shopping site online.


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