So if there are guys out there that actually think redheads are 'hot'?

...then why hasn't it worked to my advantage?

I wouldn't say I'm a particularly unattractive redhead (like I'm not that ginger, just a few freckles, auburn hair and pale-ish skin), but I rarely get hit on. So guys out there - if I'm correct, as it appears that there are guys out there with a thing for redheads - then what could my problem be?

(lol, there was one drunk guy who hit on me who had an obvious redhead fetish one time though...)


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  • I don't really know what advice to give you, but I think red heads look amazing, and they have that look about them that is unique, so all I would say is be yourself, I don't and wouldn't say you are doing anything wrong, because the way you crafted your Question was respectful and mature, with a little but not a lot of despair, but when someone recognises your talents, you can bet that they are worthy of them and would treat you how you have always desired to be treated, so just remember that you have talent, they won't go un noticed. You have many men who desire a girl like you, and that's all you have to do is be you, good luck ,xx


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  • Ohh yes.. There are plenty of hot redheads..

    You just have to sell yourself XD. It could be anything, your 'problem'. It could be that your hairSTYLE isn't what it could be, that your clothes aren't what they could be.. It could be that you don't seem approachable from your bodylanguage.. Who knows... It literally could be anything..

    • Yeah, I appreciate that it could be anything really...

      I was kinda just hoping that the redheadedness would compensate for whatever else it is, and guys would make a move ahaha :)

    • So basically you just don't want to do work? XD

      I wouldn't count on that happening :P

      Seriously.. Why hope for people finding you attractive when with a little bit of work you can just MAKE yourself irresistable? ;)

  • I absolutely love redheads...especially with green eyes... <3

    • See, this is what gets me, I've read other Qs where a lot of guys have said things like you just did - "i absolutely love redheads" - but then it gets me thinking, if these guys actually 'love' redheads, but we are fairly uncommon, then why are not more guys hitting on me? Surely if you 'love' redheads but only see one once in a blue moon, then you'd make a move?

      p.s. I have green/hazel eyes :)

    • well I don't really hit on women...I tend to be a bit shy. but one of my exes had red hair and green eyes. and another woman I really like at the moment has green eyes and red hair ^^.

      but you're forgetting one small thing: red hair isn't everything. it's one part which makes a woman attractive to some men. it doesn't define a person as a whole, and cannot be solely used as a reason why people should or shouldn't hit on someone

    • Sorry should have been more specific, more, 'make a move/approach' type thing, not necessarily just hit on.

      Very true I suppose, when I read these things from now on I suppose I should realize that they are saying "I love redhair" not "I love redheaded women"...

      Good luck with your current redhead! :D

  • I don't think red hair is any better or worse than any other hair color, I dated a redhead, she was hot lol

  • All your problems are solved. Let's go on a date.

    • Ah alas Levin, you live in the UK and I do not... :p

    • Damn. The internet can be so cruel.

  • "He who is drunk can not hide his inner desires"

    • LOL, very true. In my case:

      Guy (whilst ONLY looking at my hair): My friend and I have been watching you since you came in.

      Me: umm okay :/

      Guy: we REALLLLY love your should come meet him. Here come with me... (goes to touch hair)

      Me: (gets the hell outta dodge)

      He didn't look at me once in the eyes (or boobs, go figure) - just my hair :|

  • I love redheads :)

  • they could just be intimidated by you...and the ones who do approach you, are probably a**holes


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  • This is the internet and they'll say whatever to make girls feel good about themselves.

    Blond, brunette, black or red, hair color is NOT a factor in determining whether a person is hot or not. A hot girl is a hot girl.

    As much as people on the interweb like to place emphasis on hair color, it's not that important.

    It's just a stereotype, just like a couple of years ago blond was the rage. Obviously not all guys like blonds or else the rest of us would have died out or never been created

    The stereotype is guys have a thing for redheads, but that just means they're OK with it. They don't automatically find girls with red hair attractive cause many aren't.


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