Why do people seem to get off on being cruel?

Here's the thing - I have a lazy eye. A bad lazy eye. I've tried surgery's to correct it twice, I've done all sorts of things, and its just beyond repair. So my eye, its pretty bad... The muscle just does not connect to the eye.

usually, I don't mind it..

but lately I've heard comments such as "googles" and "googly eye" from people I once thought were friends.. All said behind my back of course...

tell me - what is the point of making fun of something that I cannot change? I have tried, I have gone through 2 very painful surgery's and have had them both fail...

Why do people seem to enjoy making others feel badly? Why even judge someone on something like a lazy eye to begin with?


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  • It's hard to live a life and not at one point say something mean about someone else, so what it comes down to is how often are they saying the mean thing, even if it's a joke. People make fun of weird things, it's just part of our nature. Survival of the fittest, if the person can make him or herself feel better by being mean to you, well, many think it's okay to do.

    Again, I would like to stress the difference between a joke or two, and actually going out of your way to make fun of someone. Very different.


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  • unfortunately there are cruel people in this would that will do what they can to hurt you solely for their own selfish reasons. sadly you just have to roll with the punches so to say. spend time with people you like and who care about you, screw the others. I'm sorry this happened to you, its really not a big problem. I'm sure things will get better. best of luck.

  • i don't know. sorry.

    but I think that ts usually just to make them feel good.

    its bad that a ''friend'' would say that.

    all can say is that some people are nice. but unforchunatly a lot of people are really crule. =(


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  • Aww that's really mean. Umm they're pathetic and the most insecure people in this world always seem to pick on others for their insecurities/imperfections. They know best that no one is perfect because they feel so imperfect, putting people down is where they seem to gain their confidence, it'spityful to be truthful.

    Thats why popular people are bitches, they love dishing out the dirt so no one focuses on their imperfections and securites. Simple.

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