Deodorant and aftershave enough?

While I was sitting with an older woman today (family friend) I couldn't stop thinking how much more attractive she was. Then I realized her scent had something to do with it, whether a combination of perfume, good soap and clean clothes, she smelled GOOD enough to eat. So I'm wondering if women have a preference on men's fragrances in terms of attractiveness? I only use normal soap, clean clothes of course, deodorant and sometimes aftershave, maybe I should put more effort into the way I smell?


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  • I tend to notice and remember guys who smell good. Aqcua Di Gio is the one cologne that always grabs my attention,a nd I know I'm not alone... I've never known a woman to not like the scent.

    Personally, I think it's great when men add the one extra step of spraying on some cologne. Just don't over do it. And spray it on your skin.


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  • Yea, now you mention it I think it has a lot do to with attraction level and memory. I love Old Spice on guys, and the smell of shaving cream (depends which one though). You seem to put a lot of effort into hygiene I'm sure you smell great, haha.

    - This article is interesting: link

  • Its a proven fact that a person is more attractive to the opposite gender because of their scent. I watched a documentary on it (lol yea I was bored) and I remember them saying lavender and vanilla attracts guys. I don't remember what they said guys should wear to attract girls but I'm sure you can google it. A good smelling guy is more welcoming and more attractive because it shows that he takes the time to make sure he takes care of himself and is presented well out in public. Its a big turn on. I think that as long as you make sure you are fresh and add a nice cologne then that's enough.

  • I like clean citrus scents

  • To me, that sounds good. Cologne can be just too overpowering so maybe save it for a special date (and even still, use it sparingly). All I use is very lightly sented soap, shampoo & conditioner, and hair products (that you can only really smell while hugging me). I'll sometimes use half a spray of body mist. Just keep it light (as you're doing) and it's good :)


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