Should I get a finger tattoo?

I want to get a tattoo and it's going to be rather small, like this one: link

It's going to be at the exact same place with this design (but smaller): link

I'm perfectly aware that tattoos are permanent, but I really want to get this one because it has a special meaning to me.

Good idea or bad idea? How much will it cost? Painful?

I heard that once you get a tattoo, you won't stop getting more. I only want ONE tattoo in my life. Is getting this one going to cause future problems?
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The design will either be on the finger or here: link

Which is a better choice? Or should I not get it at all?
I'll get it for my 18th birthday, and my parents are already cool with it. I was actually surprised since they're so strict with me on everything.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Something to consider:

    If you get it on your finger, it will have to be pretty small (obviously). The problem with that is that over time the lines will expand slightly and will make the word difficult to read. When I got my tattoo that had text in it, that is what my tattoo artist told me. If you want a word/words tattooed, you are better off getting it somewhere else, so it can be a little larger.

    That said, it's your body and if it is something you really want, go for it.

    In regard to your other questions:

    Cost will depend on the tattoo artist. There isn't really a set standard cost.

    Getting it on your finger will probably hurt a lot because there's hardly any fat, but the design is small, so it won't take long to do. Afterward it feels kind of like a sunburn.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I would say get it. I've gotten one tattoo, and when I told my parents they said okay, which really shocked me. But anyway since then I have wanted to get another one, but haven't thought of something I want yet. Please make sure though its something you really would be happy with.

  • get a harry potter lightning


What Girls Said 3

  • good idea, many people have tattoos now, it's just something you have to decide for yourself. it's not painful on fatty places, mostly on muscle or bone. you have to ask the tattoo artist how much he will charge because it's different everywhere. as long as you only want this one you won't get another one. many people have just one tattoo.

  • DO IT!

    It's your body. As long as your parents are cool with it cause you are under 18.

    There are a lot of tattoo haters. Some say you shouldn't at all or if it doesn't have a special meaning. Well those people watch too much tv. It's also body art!

    I have butterflys. I always loved butterflies and some people on this site say they are trashy etc, hello, they just a beautiful bug! F the haters!

  • no. that's kinda dumb


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