"Hot" girls, do you only look for attention from "hot" guys

I have a few "hot" girl "friends" but I feel like we're only "just friends" because I'm not what you would consider "hot". If I compliment them, they may or may not like it, but is it truly what they're looking for from ME?
By the way, I have yet to see the answer I'm actually looking for. Such a shame.
Also, how often are "hot girls" hit on by "hot guys"/average guys?


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  • Humans in general crave the attention of those they find attractive. Both genders are probably equal in that respect.

    If an average or less than average looking person compliments an attractive one, they will still like it -albeit with the slight awkwardness of not having anything to compliment in return- but they would still prefer the compliment from someone they consider attractive.

    • Often the answer we want to hear is all too far from the truth.

      If everyone is actually answering something you're not asking then your question must be incredibly convoluted.

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    • A girl I know tried to play off that "not every woman is shallow". When we know it's true...they're more likely to pick the "hot" good personality guy over the ugly but good personality guy. That's how reproduction works.

    • Well, they're not exactly being shallow in that case. They're not picking looks over personality, they're picking looks and personality over just personality.

      Anyway, yeah. It is how reproduction works. Attractiveness indicates health which our primal instincts seek in a mate. It also shows power considering how image-obsessed the world is, yet another factor out instincts make us look for.

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  • im not "hot" but I would only deal with guys I find attractive. most fine girls who are like the prettiest of the pretty seem to go for the best looking guys or the richest ones. there are a few exceptions though but usually people want the best they can get

  • Not saying I'm gorgeous, but I look for guys that are not completely horrible looking that have a good personality. Usually guys that are really good looking are unattractively cocky anyways.


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  • they are likely only looking for hot guys, so yes true. I mean the higher the supply of men that hit on her and the higher she is demanded by other men, the more she can discriminate potential partners, which means she can be more choosy of her partner. That is how it is baby, simple economics.


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