He asked me what I thought about the guy?

So me & a couple close guy friends saw a cute girl who is one of their neighbors & they were checkin' her out. She had a dude with her & I said, yeah, I was checkin' him out & my guy friend asked me what I thought about him. I said I didn't get a good look & he said,"Go get you an eye full." Why do you think he was asking me what I thought of him?


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  • Maybe he likes you and wanted to know your taste in men? lol. If you think he likes you odds are he probably does. Women have that gut feeling that is right a lot of the time.

    • I sort of thought that's why "most" guys would ask that, but wanted to get people's opinions. Me & him have a very complicated relationship--too much to get into. Thanks 4 answering.

    • Yeah I think that's why a guy would ask that too. And yeah no problem. :)

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