Best hair box.? Garnier bamboo vs feria loreal permanent dye for lightening black hair?

It's naturally curly but I flat iron and I've only tried feria my hair don't break off..I dyed it last in Feb and I wanna dye it again with more conditioning and less damage\breakage...I have dark brown/black hair I dyed it dark auburn..I want to dye it medium or light brown or light or dark auburn but 1 of the medium brown or medium auburn less damaging


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  • Just don't color


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  • I've used both products b4 on my friends. I didn't have any problems with the Garnier one at all. My friend's hair also looked healthier after using it. The best part about it is that it is ammonia-free. When I used the Feria one on my friend, it didn't really do anything to her hair in terms of it being healthier. Also, the color didn't really show as much as my friend would've expected it to. So my vote goes to the Garnier one C:

    • Wat about garnier nutrisse

    • Garnier Nutrisse doesn't have the bamboo extract to fortify the hair, so I recommend using Garnier HerbaShine if you're more concerned about healthier hair. Nutrisse, however, has more colors, and it still won't damage your hair. I guess either one would be good :O


  • Neither


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