I was hanging around with the guys then came a really good looking girl back in the day.

summer of 1998

I was hanging out playing basketball with the guys ,then came the hottest girl

all the guys tried to talk and stared chatting with her

before she came up ,they make beets on who would score and get


everyone shocked and surprised that chose since was least popular guy on court and I was thought a a little bit geekier

so why did I have to grow into my looks and why did the guy pick my look so such?

my noise was to big for my face then and I had funny legs and such
I mean she showed interest in me for some resone that day


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  • Allow me to translate to the best of my abilities...

    summmer of 1998

    I was hanging out playing basketball with the guys, then the hottest girl came by and all the girls tried to chat her up. Before she came up, they made bets on who would score and get a date.

    Everyone was surprised that she chose me since I was the least popular guy on the court and I was considered to be a geeky guy. So why does it seem my face has suddenly matured and why are the other guys picking on me for my looks so much?

    My nose is gigantic in proportion to my face and I have wimpy legs and so on. (Btw, you are pretty much answering your own question from the last paragraph here, just saying.)


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  • i was hot back in the day but I always prefered geeks I prefer a guy whos a little humble someone who I can talk to about the things I like and sometimes hot chicks are geeks at heart . noting my star trek collection wow subscription and my addiction to documentarys. for that matter sum woman just gravitate to the odd

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    • i wasn't ripping I was just saying that you could still loss weight after 5 kids

    • yeah you were ripping to instantly write you were skinny like that is a dig at a womans ego implying that by my pic I'm obviously fat its OK though I will let it go

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  • lol is english not your first lenguage? Because mine isn't either.

    I don't know ok?

  • @ update: she showed interest because you're studmuffin. what girl wouldn't be into studmuffin?


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