Girls do you find this sort of thinking attractive?

First I do apologize if this is in the wrong category. Here is what I am asking you girls.

I've never had a girlfriend, because I just didn't find the right person.

I am 16, I have 5'9 feet in height. Dark brown hair, my eyes don't have a usual color. It's something like hazel. But not like that. It's a light brown to a dark green.

My plans for the future are to be a movie director. And before you would say that I wish to do that for the money. Well you are quite wrong :)

I do it because I hate routine, I do it because I want to make good quality movies. Anyway.

here is my thinking of a relationship.

- if I had a girlfriend right now, I would bring her flowers ( one flower, probably a rose ).

yes, I do care about looks but I care more about her personality.

now let's go more in the future. If I would move together with a girl, I would bring her flowers every Monday and Friday.

Monday because it's the first day of the week and I love her just because she is my sweetheart and she makes my day happy. And Friday because I just love her :)

I am what you will call a good guy, I don't drink , smoke, and so on.

"bad$$" is just a word, I can be just as bad$$ by just being me and acting polite and well, just being myself.

there is always been a thing with what hair color I like. Well, I don't care as long as the girl is looking good with that color.

Also, I wouldn't mind if my sweetheart is older than me , with a few years.

so do you find this way of thinking attractive ?


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  • Yeah I reckon most girls would find that attractive. You seem like a decent guy so don't worry.

    But some might get tired of all the flowers, lol.


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What Girls Said 4

  • awww you sound so sweet, were are guys liek you been hiding?! I always think guys are being nice to just find out I'm being used after :( Please please don't cahnge you sound perfect! (:

  • You sound perfect :)

  • yap =) just keep being like that..

  • yes very much<3 :)


What Guys Said 1

  • omg here we go again.

    Ur only 16 .In oder words your only out of nappies.

    Stop fussing over girls or boys and do your study boi.


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