Why would a guy still look at the dating website that you met on if you are boyfriend and girlfriend?

he stoped looking at it for quite a while but then I was going to hide my profile because we are boyfriend and girlfriend and I saw that he was looking on there because he used to do that before and I found him still looking there I just wanted to know why he would do that

he looked again today help how do I tell him in guy speak to stop looking
i have already tried in women speak and it didn't work I guess
i sent him an e-mail letting him know that I hide my profile on the web sight
he has stoped looking thank god for now at least


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  • Did you ask him why he was looking at the website?

    • I have tryed he has said I have nothing to worry about but how can he say that when he is looking at the sight and we met on there and I don't know what is going on in his head

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    • I understand why you're a little worried. It seems odd to me that he didn't have an answer.

      I might be worried only if he looks again and again. I sometimes go onto a website only once and for no strong reason. Curiosity.

    • Yeah it is odd and thanks for understanding why I am a little worried I will wait and see what happens and I will let you know if anything else happens

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