How do you perceive other people that you see daily?

what if I told you that I was dating the hottest female you'll ever see in your life

what if it was a model but not a famous one that I was dating.

what if the world went out whack for you with a moment of truth.

bite your eagle people!

how do you decides on how to judge the people around you.

do you look at a person and declare him "white-trash" by his cloths?

I feel I play at Carnegie Hall in year or two
I will be on good morning America

and hang out scareface rapper and foxy browns crappy asslol


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  • Right now I'm judging you based solely on your spelling and grammar.

    • because you are a moron.

      is that all you achieved in your? some spelling and grammar? your sad...

      i sure I could some incorrect crap on everything you do

      I'm published writer

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    • True statement.

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