Do average looking people think that good looking people have advantages or disadvantages

I'm considered to be really good looking by women, I won't lie I have good looking face but my curly fro puts me over the top with women. And I'm not arrogant, just confident. The problem I have is that no matter how friendly I am a lot of guys seem to think I think I'm the sh%#, WHICH I DON'T. In my face they act as if their cool but behind my back they say that, I feel good about myself just like a lot of other people do and make a point not to come across negatively.When I was younger I never had this problem. I just want to have genuine friends. A friend said that they may think I have an advantage in life, in certain situations I can see that, but not in life in general. I see this happen with pretty girls a lot , I didn't think it would happen to me. I don't know any guys that feel this way so help me, maybe I need to do something different. Or, do people think good looks have an advantage or disadvantage?


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  • There are advantages. Cute kids get free stuff at shops and gas stations. My moms friend is black, but looks Chinese so she gets free egg rolls at Chinese restaurants. I get free stuff from random people at school. But I don't think being slightly more attractive gives you the upper hand. Skills and talent do factor into it.

    " I agree, in the fact that it helps you get that first chance. But if you have a terrible intellect and personality, you won't go beyond that "first chance," even if you have your looks. Just go along with the "light travels faster than sound, that's why people look good until they speak"


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  • good looks have an advantage. I used to be considered good looking but due to weight gain, I dropped down to average. yes I got treated better when I was slimmer. society puts beautiful people on a pedestal and you can get your way easier. my suggestion is to try to find other good looking people to hang around. less attractive people will almost always be envious of you so don't try to befriend them unless they prove themselves

    • You're right again. I'm learning to just hang out byself or with a female. It's ashame it has to be that way because I like to have fun, but that's the way it has to be. Sounds like you have the same problem, am I wrong?

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