What are good hair styles or hair dyes?

Lately my hair has been bugging me.I have long layers, doesn't show as much. I have very dry on tips and my hair is just simple. Right now I have my hair orange well kinda orange(dark).

I want something different but not too crazy. Something cute? I guess. Any ideas? (Links please)


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  • Well first you need to get your dryed ends trimed off, cause if you dye your hair it will look way bad. If you just have long hair that's cut really simple, then just do something that works with your complection and your hair cute. I would go with one solid simple color, and one streek that's kind of hidden that's a very noticable color. Like Avril L just had the blond and then a pink streek, and her hair cut was way simple. Or just do a main color, and do your shadown box (Bottom layer) a darker warm color. But keep it simple, but also make it funl. Just get rid of the orange. Go with a brick red and a dark brunet maybe. Or a light brown and bright red.


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