Girls - Do you ever dislike anything about your underarms?

And so, do you wish anything different about them?

PLEASE - I don't mean sweating. I know that is going to be the most common one.

My premise of the question was from my LONG term failure to deal with the fact that my wife has a subtle tan there. I'm amazed 2 people already spoke on those lines. Even when she shaves, its as if the skin somehow got darker. I find it a big spoiler and it sometimes turns me off even I am getting somewhere. I guess because I do like pretty, clean, smooth spotless underarms. For YEARS, I have not been able to find a remedy for her.


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  • Lol... No, not sweating.

    Hmm. Not anything, actually. I think they're cute. It's very soft, delicate skin and a very small space in general. I guess I wouldn't want to see any hair in that area.


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  • Sometimes they get that "dark" appearance, but I think it's caused by my deodorant because when I go without the darkness fades

    • Is it a deoderant or anti-perspirant? The 2nd one causes all kinds of problems. You should not even use it. Please stay away from them.

    • Hmmm... That's just the brand name. Do check what it says about being a deo or an anti-perspirant AND deo.

  • the fact that they grow hair

    • I agree with you. It's the biggest pain in the back.

  • yea sometimes you get darkness and scaring because of shaving =/

    • I think girls who are unfortunate enough to get it because of shaving have dark hair. But I wonder if something happens to the skin too.

  • Uh, do you mean beside the fact that sucks we have to shave constantly..?


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