I want him to ache for my words and want me more, please any advice?

I wanna send the guy I love and he likes me too much a sexy offline msg, so that he can read when he logs online, Because I always reject his feelings when he begin talking about sex and feeling me.

Do you guys like to hear or read any special words or meanings from the girl you like too much ?


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  • He likes you "too much"?

    Id go with "love, happy with you, life with you, knowing you, happiest, strong, I like you, don't forget me," stuff like that throw a few of thoughs I'm in id be happy..

    Simple words... " truth, honor, care, together, just us, you and me"

    And don't forget a lot of smilies of all types.. :) :3 :j :p

    Now if your going for sex and sexy try "sexy, powerful, hot, booty, vagina, p****, breasts, hard, body, bed, shower, clothing, no clothing, underwear, panties, sexy panties" stuff like that will turn him on

    But really its a matter of knowing what kind of message you want to send him


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