Healing my cuticles!

There is this stuff that the manicure people put on my cuticles and hands to heal where I bite my cuticles and I was wondering if there is stuff out there I could buy that is like that?

Id really like to heal where I keep biting them because it looks horrible. I don't bite my nails, so using "no bite" stuff won't really work because its my cuticles/sides of my thumb I bite on when I'm really really stressed which has been alll the time because of school.


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  • I use Burts Bees cuticle cream. It's lemon scented and really helps heal anything wrong with nails [: also the almond milk hand cream is wonderful with it.

    • I have the hand salve which I love, but it hasn't done much for my cuticles, maybe the cuticle cream will actually have healing stuff in it?

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    • I just bought this stuff today, I'm diggin it. I'm now using both the cuticle cream and the hand salve.

    • awesome [:

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  • I can so relate, haha. I don't bite my nails either. I haven't since I was like 12, but my cuticles still get pretty rough. I have a little manicure kit with a tool that helps trim them down, but I rarely remember to keep up with it. So if I feel a rough spot, I'll bite and pick at it until it goes away. Which occasionally leaves me with sore and irritated and even bleeding fingers, lol. I DO have that Burt's cuticle cream that Couchfry666 mentioned, but I don't use it often enough to notice a difference. So maybe I'll have to try that out again. =P

  • mine dry up in winter, I put on some vaseline before I go to bed and a little in the day it helps to moisturizes them and heal them faster hope this helps. :)


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