Lipstick alternatives? Good brands of gloss or balm with color?

Does anyone have some good brands of gloss or balm with color? I hate the taste of lipstick so much, so I never use any color on my lips. So any good brands that will give color and don't leave a nasty taste? (Not that I'm licking off lipstick aha) I like burt's bees, but don't know if they have anything of the sort. I'd figure you guys would have some good suggestions!


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  • I HIGHLY suggest you try a lip stain. You can get cheap ones at Wal-Mart or much better ones through Sephora & places like that. They come in all colors & prices. Then if you need some moisture you put a balm or gloss over it. They actually make one that is duel ended, I think it's called Bitten or Just Bitten, think Loreal makes it--it's the one where Jessica(or is it Jennifer?) Beal is the spokesperson. Haven't tried it, but it would probably be a good one to start with you could get at a drug store or Wal-Mart. I love stains since they give you the color without that gross texture & tastes of a lot of lipsticks...& last MUCH longer, too.

    • I second this. I was going to suggest the same. Lip stains are great. Benifit has a good one, too. As does CoverGirl. And they don't taste icky - they just have no taste :)

    • Ah thanks, I'll check that out for sure! :)

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  • i use the pink vaseline, its awsome and keeps your lips soft too. :)