Are you guys only self conscious about your hair/clothes around girls you like/are attracted to?

Or are you that way with girls who are friends that you have no romantic interest in, too? Please enlighten me on this guys.


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  • Honestly I'm not even self conscious about it then.


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  • Depends entirely on the guy. Some people are just self conscious about that stuff, period. Some people just can't be comfortable in their own skin. It happens. But yeah, for some guys it's something like, they are uncomfortable around a girl they like. That happens too.

    Sorry, if you're looking for a surefire tip that proves a guy is into you, that's not one of them.

    Good luck though.

    • This particular guy is not vain about his looks AT ALL...not into trying to look "fashionable", not a "metro-sexual"...I sorta suprised him & he commented about his hair being messed up(sticking up), but he supposedly just likes me as a friend, so it has me confused. Has me thinking why did he even care if he just views me like a dude or something? What do you think?

    • Well then perhaps he's interested. What are you going to do about it then? Any plans?

    • Thanks. It's a long story about me & him, so I'll spare everyone. I'm just taking note of these little things he's been doing, watching for clues maybe his feelings are changing about me...We' shall see :)

  • I worry more about me hair lol. Either that or my acne. My clothes I could gice a f*** less about. I mean if a girls gunna judge a guy by his clothes then she deserves to be stoned

    • :) Thanks. But if you were in the situation I described, would you be self conscious around a friend enough to comment like he did?

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  • How do you usually feel around guys? Self conscious or not?

    And around guys you like... obviously self-conscious, ayee?

    Well, for me (I know I'm a girl, but I guess its prettymuch the same!), I am always self-conscious around guys, even more around guys I like!

    But, everyone's personality is different, some guys are naturally self-conscious, and some really don't care unless they like someone! So, unless you know his personality very well, its hard to use this as a sign he likes you! observe how he reacts to other people, I guess...

    If he's never been conscious about looks before e.g. never looked 'dressed up' or somehting, or never commented about it, then he's probably into you!

    Good luck though =D

  • lol I think the guys on here are around any girl


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