Does wearing red really more attracts the opposite gender?

Of course it's impossible not to look at a girl wearing red, but I've heard that women also are more attracted to men wearing red...

That seems kinda erratic to me.. red is usually girl's color!

So, how is it really?

This question is more targeted to girls!

Have ever a guy wearing red caught your attention?

Write examples!


Most Helpful Girl

  • i think it has a higher impact when someone you already like aka a crush, girlfriend boyfriend wife husband etc is wearing it, sometimes red just suits their skincolor and haircolor and they look more attractive, red is known to make you happy as well and makes your pupils dilate since its the brightest in color spectrum

    however it doesn't mean that any stranger on the street wearing red is automatically attractive, I think it only pertains those you already have feelings for

    i know because my crush wore this red hoodie one time to school and holy moly he looked so handom and sexy. and I've randomly wore red and my friends said it brought out my brown eyes


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What Girls Said 4

  • If it were true that people were naturally attracted to those that wear red, we'd all have a huge crush on Santa.

  • Not that I know... I like shirts that match eye color/skin tone a lot ha. Really doesn't matter that much though I don't think.

  • Red is a bright color so it draws the eye to it. And why would you think red is a girl's color?

  • I think red is just a striking color. It's hard not to look at something that is red. It's actually a color used in films a lot, so the audience can stay focused. For instance, "The Sixth Sense" and "American Beauty" they both used red to get the audience to focus.

    I don't think it is a girls' color either. This shirt looks great on him - link


What Guys Said 3

  • The correlation between the color red and sexual attraction is merely anecdotal. Anything you've read about red attracting people is just a puff piece article by some flailing journalist recycling the same crap.

    Scent, as opposed to sight, has a much higher degree of correlation as well as physiological attraction. The reason being that the molecules that you smell are directly entering your body and brain, whereas with sight, there is interpretation of volume, depth, shape, etc.

    • Actually.. sight makes 70% of our whole senses, so figure out how big importance is to smell at the best case!

      But I wanna examples! You say it ain't for real - cool! So give an example which proves the red is not attractive!

    • I didn't mean to say that red isn't attractive, I meant that any puff piece article that claims "xx% of men surveyed preferred the women in the red outfits over the others" is spouting statistical diarrhea. The mantra of statistics is that "statistics means you never have to be certain".

      A scent is more likely to evoke memories of a color or a feeling than the other way around, so if you want to find out how true it is, find a scent that makes people think of the color red.

  • Royal blue is my favorite color and I'll notice that before I notice red.

  • Wearing red attracts attention generally.


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