Which glasses should I get?

I have an old style question about glasses.

I am trying to get a new pair..and I am seriously running out time. I have doubts...so people tell me if I should get them or not...on either question... link

(I did this because I received 3 answers and 2 of them weren't very helpful.)

Post any question you have and I will answer too.



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  • lol, my answer and your update got removed but the question stayed. and the only other person who answered bailed, so sad here.

    • LOL wtf is wrong with G.A.G?

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    • i just read, yes mike judge is doing the writing and it'll be on mtv starting the 27th of this month. happy days are here again =D

    • :))))))))))))))))


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  • They are certainly nice. If you think they look nice on you go for it.

    Just make sure they work with the shape of your face and you should be good.


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