I'm embarrassed of my own body!

i feel so embarrassed about my own body, which also lowers my self-esteem not only to myself, also in front of my boyfriend, I hesitate to show my body to him:(...i want to wax all my body with less money, I wanted to do it at home, but since it would be my first time, I don't want to take any risks, can you guys suggest me something better with low rate of money? since I don't work right now...i hope there's any way to feel the New me in both inner and outside of me:( I Only have a month to do this befor he returns from US..please let me know anything asap you guys!


Besides wanting to wax, I also have what is called "skin pigments" starting from the lower back of my body..till the butt cheeks! is there anyway it can be cured too? Because what's the point of waxing the area which already looks ugly right?:(
Another thing I forgot to mention, this "skin pigments" makes my skin color looks uneven..so how can I make it even with all over body's real color?


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  • Well I don't know much about waxing but I know a little bit about the hyper-pigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation can be due to different reasons and once the area becomes dark it would only go away with time there is no real and effective way of curing except curing the cause. When you cure the cause behind the hyper-pigmentation then those dark spots or whatever would gradually become normal. I went to a doctor for hyper pigmentation and that's what she told me. So I would suggest you go to Doctor ASAP and try to find out the cause. Once you know that you are working on that your self-esteem would automatically increase.

    And about the waxing I don't know. But if he loves you I don't think he is going to care that much if you are a bit hairy or something.

    • Ohh I see, yea you're right, but what you think its best to go to, a family doctor, or a skin specialist?

    • I went to a family doctor and then he was not sure if there is some rapid, effective and safe treatment available or not. So he sent me to a dermatologist. So I would suggest you to visit your dermatologist straight away. And let me know if he/she suggests some treatments which are faster.

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  • Have you ever heard of Bio Oil? That helps to even skin tone, I'm not sure if it helps with skin pigments, but its worth a try! I use it on stretch marks and it really works!

    U cud always try hair removal cream, as waxing is expensive in salons! I paid £20 for my legs to be waxed, hurt like hell! Never doing it again haha x