Why are Northface backpacks so popular?

I see them everywhere at my sister's high school and my college. Don't they cost a lot of dough?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I wonder the same thing they're kinda ugly to me , the Northface coats too.

    • They are OK looking to me. But whenever I see them, they look so flat and pasted to the person's back. It seems to me that most are always empty. what's the point in wearing the $80 backpack then?

What Guys Said 1

  • High school is basically a fashion competition. I rember when I was in high school jansport back pack were extremely popular and if you you would like to think of your self as cool then you had to had one. Also these puma shoes became popular and everyone had them the next month.

    • There was functionality to jansport though. They had a leather bottom rather than the textiles of other backpacks, so if you were like me and didn't like to keep your books in your locker and just kept EVERYTHING in your backpack, it made sense because they couldn't rip through the bottom.

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