There are nice outfits on the mannequin, but when we try it on?

mostly it looks like crap? Or the least is it won't look as good as that mannequin >_<

How do you feel about it?

I noticed this often,especially for skinny jeans and some other outfits.Do you guys think its because the mannequin are tall and skinny? Or because they have super long legs? Please don't laugh at me lol as I'm pretty sure many of us experienced this while shopping =))


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    I think it's because of the material and the cut of that piece of outfit. Sometimes it's very thin and that doesn't suit all different bodies, or the cut isn't just suitable for me.

    I couldn't really make a decision if that outfit suits me or not when it's on a mannequin. Both the material and the cut aren't easily identified.

    Plus, when it looks awesome on a mannequin, you think it would look awesome on you as well. :D


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  • Models/mannequins/pornstars/actresses etc. They're all misleading because THEY make it look good. It's called false advertisement; To get you to buy the item

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    • when I said I'm jealous...i just said all outfits looks good on them.Its the truth...i dare to voice it out here at least:)

      Jealous only can applied on something alive,nice try:)

    • I can be jealous of something inanimate (has no feelings). What if I wanted to be a tree or a flower. I'm a guy, so probably not, but you get my point. You can too!

  • mannequins are not even size 00. They often have to pin the clothes on them to take up the slack.


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  • haha yep... I think it has to do with proportions. the mannequins have got a very standard type of body, but real women might have longer/shorter legs or longer/shorter torsos... but now, I can look at something on the mannequin and know whether it's going to work or not... I look at where the seams are, where it would probably fit on my body, so no more 'f*** my life' moments in the dressing room :p


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