The Jojoba Oil has a smell to it! Do you think I can still use it?

Now I uses 100% Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil from wholesfoods and I love it because it makes my hair soft and it does not wieigh it down! I uses it with my leave in conditioner mixture! And I have two bottles! But I notice the difference in the smells of the two! One is a bigger bottle that I have been using for a long time and the other is a smaller bottle! The bigger bottle has this odd smell to it and the little one has a fresh smell to it, like hardly any smell at all! Do you think I can still use it or no! Because I hear people say no matter the smell, the oil itself will not go bad! But I have two bottles by dessert essence and one is big and one is small, except one smells funny than the other! Please let me know if I can still use this for my hair, or the oil itself just went bad?


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  • How long have you had the bigger bottle? Does the bigger bottle have any sort of expiry date or warning about the product going bad? If not, you should be fine.


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