I would like a new hairstyle.

Because I'm getting bored of the one I have.

But I also have no idea on what kind of style I want, at the minute my hair is dark brown, medium length with short layers and I straighten it a lot. So yeahh ..

Any ideas? (Just not any bobs because my hair is naturally curly and It would really work for me)



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  • i have the same hair type. Its funny.

    i have natural curly/black/medium hair as well

    but you should not get bored of it because we are

    getting into style. curly hair brings out your eyes

    and frames your face, just try different types

    of style for curly hair. if you go look at

    youtube you can find many styles

    or look at short hair magazines

    sometimes they have great

    hairstyles with instructions.

  • Go short and perm it!

    Maybe like Victoria Beckham!