Is this too dressy for an informal/casual dance?

My schools having an informal dance next Friday and I was thinking of wearing a black mini pencil skirt with a loose, stripped top. But I'm sure, are pencil skirts to dressy or business like, lol? I don't wanna stand out too much, but I wanna look hot.

Thanks in advance :)


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  • Well it sounds great but if your worried about looking businessy wear a stack of color bracelets or a statement ring ,long necklaces with really cool pieces you could go edgy and add chains. Make sure your hair is down myb a little wild like tousled curls. A good idea would be a pop of colors like a bold lip or even better bright colored heels!

    Have fun at the dance :)))


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  • You should dress to stand out. I wear mother f***in bow tie' s because no one else can figure out how to tie them.

    I dress to stand out all the time. I have a couple friends who are "punk" and I dress business when I party with them because I always get a reaction.

  • The pencil skirt makes it sounds sort of professional. I guess it depends on the top.

  • Sounds cute :)


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