Why would a man who likes you point out other women?

Three male friends (they don't know each other) that I hang out with will point out other women, make it apparent that they are staring at and attracted to women who walk by. I then find out that these guys are interested in being with me, but I suppose were to shy to say anything (heard from others). I had never thought about their behaviors before because I only see them as friends and am not attracted to them in any way. The ogling of other women only made it more so that I would never even consider dating them. My question is why would a man who likes you point out other women? It really makes no sense. I would have never given it a second thought, if it wasn't for three of them doing the same thing. What is the purpose of it? If I liked a guy I would not be pointing out other men to them that I am attracted to. Any insight into this behavior would be appreciated.


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  • That is very strange. It is like including you in guy talk then actually being attracted to you at the same time? I really don't get it, but I have seen it before. I know this girl that is totally into football and all the guys treat her like she is one of the guys but I know 9/10 of them are just using it as an excuse cause she is a hot blond, she even has a boyfriend, poor smucks :P


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  • I think it's because they probably know they have no chance with you so they have accepted you as a friend. You check out people with friends :) I do it with my guy friends all the time.


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