What do you feel while a girl is wearing your hat/cap/clothes?

I've recently worn 3 different guy's caps, for a whole day each.. They didn't really want to take the caps back(yes, I just randomly stole it from them), even though they needed them for the sun...

So, I wondered.. How do you feel while a girl is wearing your cap? Or.. Any other clothes? Jacket? Shirt? ('Cause it must've been a positive feeling, since it didn't seem to bother them.)


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  • If the girl is one I like then I wouldn't mind it, and would kind of like it actually because I'd like the fact that she wants to wear something that belongs to me; it'd hint that perhaps she likes me too. Obviously if it's my girlfriend, I would like it for that very reason.


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  • I sometimes wear my boyfriend's t shirts round the house and things like that. He doesn't mind at all, he likes it lol. I like nestling into his jacket aswell if I'm sitting on his lap.

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